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3 Reasons why you should choose Panasonic HIT™

Pioneering industries leader in the Solar business for over 40 years providing high quality HIT™ for 17 years.

Our history started with the development of amorphous silicon solar cells by SANYO (merged into Panasonic in 2012) in 1975. Since then, we have achieved high quality and reliability levels through long experience and continuous improvement, backed by our quality figures. Our modules are designed to last for decades. Our constant efforts in research and development contributed to the production and commercialization of many innovative products.

Why JETSOR Panasonic?

Solar Panel Price In India

Solar Panel Price in India: Jetsor Power System one of the best solar system providers in India for Commercial, Residential, Industrial purposes. Authorized Partner by Panasonic if you looking Solar Panels in India Jetsor Power System offers you the best Solar Panel Price in India at an affordable cost.

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Industrial Solar Plant

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Commercial Solar Plant

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Residential Solar Kit

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Solar Companies in India

Jetsor Power System is the best Solar Company in India into Solar Companies in India to provide solar panels around all over India. If you searching Solar Panels in India we offer you solar panels system at the best prices.

Industry leading solar cell performance and production volume in the world

25.6%: world's heighest level cell efficiency (R&D Level) 1 billion solar cells produced.

In 2014, Panasonic achieved world's highest cell conversion efficiency
in R&D level. (>100cm²)
In 2014, Panasonic achieved 1 billion solar cells in accumulative production.

Recogrized and highly evaluated with global awards

Improving 1% of solar cell conversion efficiency takes great effort and time. Panasonic's R&D team received high international regard for breaking the world record of conversion efficiency and making contribution to clean energy society.

A cell conversion efficiency of 25.6% brought Panasonic the efficiency world record in 2014. (at R&D level)

Best Solar Panels in India

Best Solar Panels in India: Electricity has become a basic necessity for human beings. Deprivation of power can cause a huge loss to our lives. We completely depend on power and with increasing power consumption people are opting for an eco-friendly and convenient way to produce energy and power. Solar power is one of the greatest inventions to solve this problem. This sustainable source of energy is one of the best and most preferred power alternatives.

Jetsor power system Pvt Ltd Best Solar Panels in India caters you with service of erection, installation and commissioning of the solar power plant for residential, commercial and industrial purpose. We cater you with manufacturer-independent and trade-spanning services by our professional and skilled experts. We ensure the success of every project that will stand strong even in the capricious market trends.

With the increasing crisis of energy sources all over the world, solar energy is emerging as one of the best and long-lasting option to illuminate your commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Solar Panels in India:

Jetsor Power System Pvt. Ltd has emerged as one of the most reliable and superior Solar Companies in India that are successfully promoting highly advanced technology in the solar industry....With the increasing commercialization and industrialization, the consumption of energy is also rising. Solar energy not only fulfils our energy needs but cuts-off electricity bills incredibly.

India has been dedicatedly promoting alternative sources of energy like wind and solar and has set up an aggressive renewable energy installation target of approximately 175 GW by 2022. After keeping these targets in our mind we are heading towards a revolutionary era.

Types of Solar Panels:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels
They are known as the most efficient type of solar panel on the market and can be identified by their sleek, black appearance. The material that is used in this panel is single-crystal silicon, which is then cut into wafers.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels are produced after melting several pieces of silicon together into square moulds, forming the solar cells. They usually are blue in appearance and are cheaper than monocrystalline panels.

Thin-Film Solar Panels

Thin-film solar panels are easier to produce as they require less material and are the cheapest type of solar panel on the market. There are various types of thin-film cells such as silicon, cadmium, and copper.

Benefits of Solar panels:

Best alternate for high-cost, high-pollution energy sources such as coal, fuel, gas, electricity, and bio-gas.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

A 4kW solar panel system would require approximately 16 solar panels with a 250W power output, while a 5kW system comprises of approximately 20 solar panels.

Maintenance of Solar Panels

Solar Power Plant Maintenance in India: Panasonic Solar Panels are low maintenance products but for the long life of solar panels, it is important to clean solar panels regularly. A Cleaner solar panel is likely to generate 25% more power as compared to unmaintained panels. Cost of maintaining solar panels can be counted in hundreds annually. Most solar panels come with silicon cells that are laminated and framed and ensure long life and less maintenance. Regular cleaning and washing solar panels are always advised for longevity and retaining efficiency and know more consult with Solar Power Plant Maintenance in India Jetsor Power System.

Why choose us?

Looking out for options that can help you cut off your electricity bills then you are at the right place our world-class solar power energy solution is suitable for the both residential and industrial sector of India. We are the premier supplier of Best Solar Panels in India and deliver you an economical solution that not only cuts-off your electricity bills but also does no harm to our environment. Jetsor Power System Pvt Ltd deals in a technology that efficiently harnesses this energy.

Our team of experienced engineers is powering industries with a safe energy source for a greener tomorrow. We are a perfect blend of experience and innovation. Our best-in-class products have created value for our customers worldwide.

Make a small gesture of help and install this renewable source of energy today. Consult our experts for Solar Panel Price in India and a high powered and international standard solar panels system that caters you with remarkable, reliable and long-lasting performance.