Find your solar solution with JETSOR Solar

We are one of the leading Industrial, Commercial & Residential solar installers in India. Our team are experts in the solar industry and have installed a number of solar systems throughout the country for all types of industries, particularly high-energy companies like printing facilities, cold food storage, and manufacturing warehouses.

Industrial Solar Plant

Make the best use of natural resources by installing our industrial solar panel...

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Are you tired of spending a lot on your electricity bills? Then, you are...

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With the increasing rate in pollution and high diminishing rate of electricity...

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Jetsor Solar Sees it Differently

We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining solar power systems on industrial, residential and commercial rooftops. We offer customized solutions that cater to the unique energy needs of our clients and help them reduce their dependence on traditional power sources. Our team of experienced professionals uses top-quality solar panels and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and durability of the solar power systems.


Installing,Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant’s Performance.

  • Installation of Solar Power Plant
  • Monitoring and control of Solar Plant
  • Predictive maintenance enablement
  • Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Warranty administration and advocacy
  • Maintenance, coordination and communication


Limit Downtime. Minimize Equipment Failures. Ensure Your Asset Value.

  • Solar Module cleaning and vegetation decrease
  • Plant Grounds maintenance, bug control & water/waste etc.
  • End to end solar power plant support (DC and AC)
  • Safety measurements
  • Spare parts, inventory & supply management
  • Maintenance planning & implementation
  • Improvement & development of plant-specific planning

JETSOR Solar Solar Services delivers superior, customized end-to-end solutions for solar PV plant installation, operations and maintenance for high efficiency Poly, Mono & HIT technology

Solar Solutions we provide

Rooftop Solar, Ground Mounted Solar EPC’s

  • Limitless Solar Energy
  • Cost Effective
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footmark
  • Reduced power bills
  • Solar PV systems require low maintenance
  • Ease of Installation
  • Easy access of power in remote areas
  • Secure Investment with Long-Term Benefits

Why is JETSOR Solar
India’s Largest Growing Solar Company?

With 40 years of renewable energy industry experience, Panasonic Solar is one of India’s largest vertically integrated solar companies.

The core values of our organization are that underlie our work & strategies we employ to fulfill our vision & mission. Our mission to provide high quality and cost effective sustainable energy solutions across all the markets & reducing carbon footprints - paving way for sustainable energy thereby improving quality of present and future human life.The company has its head office in Delhi NCR Faridabad (Haryana) with regional offices in Gurugram, Delhi, Noida & Mumbai in India. JETSOR Solar has its presence in over 7 + locations nationally. The company has 40+ years of experience in all rooftop type solar services.

Why JETSOR Solar?

There are differences...

3 Reasons why you should choose Panasonic HIT™

Pioneering industries leader in the Solar business for over 40 years providing high quality HIT™ for 17 years.

Our history started with the development of amorphous silicon solar cells by SANYO (merged into Panasonic in 2012) in 1975. Since then, we have achieved high quality and reliability levels through long experience and continuous improvement, backed by our quality figures. Our modules are designed to last for decades. Our constant efforts in research and development contributed to the production and commercialization of many innovative products.